3 ways to target and treat myopia

O Eyecare provides 3 alternatives to traditional glasses and contact lenses that improve vision

for children and adults
for children

Why Ortho-K?

Slow down myopia
Freedom from glasses
Non-surgical vision correction


Often referred to as Ortho-K or corneal reshaping, orthokertatology is an FDA-approved, non-surgial, and reversible method of correcting your vision.

Suitable for both children and adults!

It involves wearing custom-fitted contact lenses while sleeping, which gently and temporarily reshape the cornea (the clear front part of the eye). This allows light to focus correctly on the retina to provide clear vision during the day without glasses or contacts.
Ortho-K is a specialized treatment that requires a customized fitting by an eyecare professional. Regular follow-up visits are necessary to monitor progress and ensure that the lenses fit properly and proper eye health is maintained.
Ortho-K is particularly useful for children and adults with nearsightedness (myopia), but it can also help with mild to moderate astigmatism and farsightedness. It significantly slows the progression of the worsening of a child's eves. It's also a popular option for those who are not suitable for laser eye surgery.
Overall, orthokeratology is surgery-free and offers a convenient and reversible way to correct. Upon consultation, it can be recommended to the right candidate, from children to adults. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Oh to see if you are a suitable candidate for Ortho-K todav.


Daily disposable lenses for comfortable wear by children

What is MiSight?
MiSight 1 day contact lenses are worn during the daytime to immediately correct distance vision and slow myopia progression in children over time.
Why MiSight?
MiSight is the first and only FDA-approved contact lens treatment to slow myopia progression in children.
Is MiSight right for me?
MiSight is great for those with an active lifestyle by giving you freedom from glasses. The daily lenses also maintain hygiene, since a new pari is worn daily.


An eye drop therapy that aims to slow myopia progression in children


The atropine treatment program is designed for children too young to use soft lenses for myopia control or children with rapidly worsening myopia progression. Atropine can be used simultaneously with Ortho-K or soft lenses for optimal myopia progression control.
Atropine is typically given as eyedrops to both eyes at bedtime every night, but it can be given as little as 3-4 times in the summer months as desired.
Treatment with atropine is typically 2 years long and requires an initial visit for a routine exam and periodic follow-up visits to check progression and proper dosage of treatment.
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